Bedtime for a toad (revised)

Riding to a gradage…


Heading to the parking lot, to digout the cardboard that i sleep on..  Cooking up some mushroom soup for midnight snack, life living on the streets..  I wish within all my sweet dreams that my daughter will be in my thoughts during my nights rest..  ifinn there someone i do miss!  She would be the one!  However i do understand that i, was not the ideal father image..  Truly i believe deep my heart, she will always love me…


So i end with,


good-night little one…


(she hates when i call her that)

Revised next day morning now…

i had so much trouble posting this comment lastnight i just gave up…  Posted it quickly, then when to my camp, or one would say parking lot!


Nonetheless we’re here this morning, after collecting a few bottles to cash-in…  Now we can get on with the day an make some morn posts or even get myself a treat…




Ain’t living just wonderful….


Just a tiny whisper from a toad.

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