Our Ramblings

The slap

of the prayerful



upon the sands

of time…


A moment

when humanity



or societies crime


As i walked throughout

the sands of life

dogging, humanly..

The whole night through…


Dancing our dream


upon Mrs. Nature



To the end of all religion,

an dance a Vampires



Feel the rhythm

of our physic



God must die..

God must die…

God must die…..


Intinction of a religious god

to dance in quiet prayer

only then can we dance

as one another

bringing all humanities

there an all together life as

a duet earned the living pleasure..


Digital Art fascinating!

one would think

that it was communicating

a dream in living art…

Touch by the human equation

of a very old dream..

Message From toad

Destination to our destiny

into the midnight city…

Tourist living, flowing

in and out

throughout our beautiful city..

Wake up, dummy!

The truth about money!

As it flows,

right out or our damn city..

Our Ramblings

Our Ramblings-3

Human equation

of a Very Old Dream


  1. Your ramblings of the mind are so deep, seemingly so painful, so true, the resolution impossible and yet possible possibly by thinking in a different way, which is mostly impossible! xx


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