Night Out

I see your image everywhere

you crossed my erotic mind

wishing within a dream i dare…

We’re standing on a corner

waiting until he drives up?

leaning into the car an barder…

We’d ask him to have drinks

get himself worked up

before driving up methinks..

Surprise, surprise, surprise!

We had time to, do real date

finishing him within a flash

passionate erotic, we rate…

As your boyfriend pulls up

hop in, sleezy on over drive

drunk, you drive i;ve treated

horned up bad, i can’t wait..

He won’t!   You sleazily rub

realizing get turned on by all

i sucking soft slow tip of nub..

You’ve taken us deserted dome

i can smell you passion flow

now riding a hard horny hone..

Playing listening, smelling action

i’m now working second oragasm

damn your screams, i’m craven…

i wonder off, into treat the woods

back in time for your orgasms

psychically touch, he blows hood..

Chemically horned, i follow orders

we both work on him teasingly

wam bam, harden pumping boner..

i softly ask to mount, a fully psychic erotic

intensifying uphoria, sliding up an down

passion between three, flowing erotica..

Long sexual, erotic weekend, we’re in love

Something i’ve dreamed twenty years

magickal moments!  These not created from heaven..


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