Blink Wink Kiss

Drifting chance

within a elegant lov…

I spotted her in

a soft shyful glance…


She was stylish, a graceful loving beauty.

Dressed..  In her tastefully, shaped booty..

Me!  Shy an bashful,

nevertheless very debonair, curious,

an honestly sexually moody…


Darling!  Needing some entertainment?

we’re both gone, crash into a true engagement,

in our social, carousing disco dance

we were turning heads,

every ogling, gazing glance…


Like a child in a adult candy store

i grab, a soft polished hand..  We prance

away…  Damn did i ever score….

In our fantasy dream..  All night long we

sucked, fucked and dance…

Blink Wink Kiss

Blink Wink Kiss-666.jpg

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